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Looking for a job?? [May. 8th, 2007|02:49 pm]
Middle Tennessee State University Students



Hey everyone...

I am going to post this first on my personal journal and the out to the nashvillians and mtsu journals. My company is currently seeking a 2nd shift person, my old job. So, if anyone wants a new job or knows someone who wants a new job send me your/their resume. Yes, i complain about the job, but the job is stupid easy and if you just play by their rules, do your hours, and go home, then it could be a GREAT interm job while you are finishing school, or whatever. 

The hours are 3pm - 11pm, Mon-Fri. You basically talk to clients and medical transcriptionists, while watching reports run by. It does have hectic moments, and it is not completely idiot proof, but once you have it down it is easy. You will be in the office by yourself most of the time, with the exception of one MT, and myself on some days. So all you have to do is come and ask me if you have any questions. You do have some crazy ladies you have to call, but if you do your job you can spend the rest of the time study, surfing the web, whatever. Pay is not horrible considering the job, but not great either, it will be somewhere between $11ish-$15. Totally liveable considering you are pretty much a monkey on a stick.

So let me know if anyone wants to jump on this ...QUICK. Any type of medical experience with doctors and hospitals is a plus, ie Meditech, BOSTON, Mongoose, HIM, RAD knowledge, etc. etc.. Standard Microsoft experience, and the job requires ALOT of independence and self management. PLUS, you HAVE to come to work. This is NOT a job where you can take alot of time off, esp. in the beginning. They REALLY frown on people who are consistently absent, for whatever reason. You have to have a schedule where you are here.

I have worked here the entire time I have been at MTSU, done homework, studied, and typed countless papers at night, they don't care. And I will graduate at the end of this year. As long as you get your job done, they are happy. 

PS: The job is in the Elm Hill Pike area of Briley Parkway, near Century City.


From: (Anonymous)
2007-06-20 10:48 pm (UTC)
still job there no?
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